the-next-glass-of-beerthe-next-glass-of-beerI agree with Charlie. It’s what’s in the glass.

So if it’s what’s in the glass, why are so many people racist beer drinkers? Why are they prejudging the brew on it’s color?

How about flavor? Texture? Aroma?

Are you pre-judging your beer? Worse, are you pre-judging someone else drinking  a beer based on the color of the beer they have chosen?

Prejudging…prejudice… see the connection??

One of the biggest misnomers out there is that  dark = heavy. WRONG! Ask Chris O’Brien.

Close your eyes and enjoy your beer. When you open them again, see the world of beer differently.

Be blind to the color, be open to the beer in the glass.

Photo courtesy of Flickr by Elitsa

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One Response to “Beer Racism”

  1. Shannon

    I volunteer at a local craft brewery and explain regularly that “light” is not a flavor. I also have to explain to friends who claim they don’t like dark beer, that “dark” is not a flavor either. I do have fun at beer festivals and tastings where I can get friends to try a porter, despite its color, and they actually enjoy it.


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