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This article in particular was forwarded to me by a few industry friends (thanks) and I am well aware of the beer and its founder Shazz Lewis.

I rarely comment online since I find the format to be too anonymous to really do any productive good. However, it’s a timely issue and my speciality so this is what I posted in comment:

Beer is beer, true. Marketing is not marketing however. You must know your market – starting with what they want, directly from them (your target market). Women Enjoying Beer is the only business on the planet that does just this. And interestingly enough Shazz called me a several months before the launch to pick my brain – ‘brain’ being the collected and ongoing research of hundreds and thousands of women who have participated in focus groups all across the USA.

Regardless of what she asked of me and I shared with her from these smart and engaged, brand savvy women, she chose to go forward with her dream. Power to her. No power to the idea. Because whether Shazz likes it or not, the beer isn’t about her and what she thinks; it’s about what the market wants and will positively respond to. Right now, it’s mostly negative and for good reason.

When you don’t know your market, when your efforts are misguided, then everything (business) and everyone suffers (customers, people in the company). And if you don’t know your market, you have no business aiming your product in their direction. (ever heard of the Della debacle??)

You MUST know your product AND how to respectfully and properly execute the marketing plan that will see it to successful fruition.

Women everywhere equate pink to Barbie, Victoria Secret and Breast Cancer. As a friend in the beer industry said, why would you want to relate a color (pink) per a deadly disease to your product? And as one person commented already, per the 11 year old – she’s right. Girly in research indicates 12 and under (age wise). No one in the craft/beer community wants to be seen as marketing to underage drinking.

There is no such thing as a women’s beer. Everyone wants the opportunity for flavor, whatever form that may be, and everyone wants to be treated and invited to the product with respect and in a genuine manner. And for the record, not all craft brewers get that either.

Suffice it to say, education is the key. And this is a big mistake and while I wish Shazz well, our research clearly and loudly states that this is insulting, patronizing and headed backwards. Will we see the day when ‘men’s’ beer is marketed in baby blue jockstraps?

Ginger Johnson, founder/operator, Women Enjoying Beer

p.s. I only wish that all the strong opinions out there were also strong enough to be proud and transparently post their real names. If there’s no shame, then there’s nothing to hide. Like my good friend Maureen Ogle states, “Don’t be afraid of your opinions.”

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