It’s worse to be neutered than controversial.

Check out what Carlsberg brewing is doing. It’s not gender neutral. It’s abuse of the beer in the bottle. Clear bottle = almost certain degradation of the beer, whether intentional or not.

They need to refresh their own memories that clear glass will not protect from light damage. And they need ot fire the folks who think this packaging is “gender neutral”. Seriously, who are they really after: the customers who nothing about how to protect beer or those who really just don’t care.

Are they calling it ‘gender neutral’ by really mean hoping-to-appeal-to-women? Egads, I hope not. Women are smarter than that. So are most men. American women: DON’T petition to get it over here…it’s a long ride for the beer and we’ve got high quality a plenty stateside already without importing a negligible package.

If that is what they truly think will sell their beer, then they need to call me. I can help them ‘clear a few things up.’

The key is and will always be education. Design is only going to be effective when people understand where the product is coming from in the first place.

Sounds like potential pandering with a side of ignorance, please.

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