• What’s womens’ favorite kind/s of beer?
  • What kind of beer do women like/drink?

Read closely. It’s the same answer as any beer enthusiast should give. The favorite is the one in front of them.

WEB gets regular contacts from students in college and grad school, doing projects or papers on beer and women. Some are marketing students, some are in other disciplines. All are curious for free information. Another one rang this week (always happy to get phone calls by the way).

Here’s the deal: Women like beer. Are you getting that?

If you’re any kind of beer business you better start doing something about it now. Some of the coming changes in the world are for the worse and now is absolutely the time to be earning female beer market share with a solid marketing plan; not after the schmidt hits the flan.

Why market beer differently to women? Because (and watch the sarcasm here) they’re different than men consumers. You don’t market tampons to men and you don’t try to sell elder care to teenagers.

Identify who your market target is, do some research on their beer and buying habits (this is critical) and then start developing a plan. Put a time value on plan development and then start.

All effective plans need maintenance and revisitation. Work that into the plan so you can nimbly adjust as need be. I guarantee there will be surprises, good and not so hot.

What kind of beer women likes depends on everything. Find out what those ‘everythings’ are.

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