You tell me what’s missing from what would otherwise be a clever and well done video.

Hell (yes, this pisses me off), Sam’s in it and his wife is his partner.

I KNOW there hundreds of non-represented people per this video…It flabbergasts and appalls me.

ESPECIALLY since in the video they say there are approximately 750,000 home brewers. 3 quarters of a million people for hop’s sake – did it occur to anyone that there is more than one sex?? Obviously not.

ESPECIALLY since it states in the video “men & women craft brewers”…

How about Susan Ruud? Or all the others like Jennifer Helber (Lab Science Etc.), my friend Jen, Canadians, and those in the Iowa Brewers Guild??

This is why stereotypes, inaccurate ones at that, perpetuate.

Who, in the production of this video, missed it??

“A fat lot of crap” is right. Geez.

If you have any females in your life that matter to you at all, you are grossly remiss in thinking about the other 50(.9)% of the population.

A small percentage will only grow when they are given representation and the opportunity to grow.

Pay attention.

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