Found on the table after the event...

Found on the table after the event...

The different beers served with the recent men’s beer pairing and tasting:

  1. Stout – small straight cylindrical taster
  2. Lager – half pint glass
  3. IPA – half pint glass
  4. Barleywine – flute
  5. Double IPA – wine glass
  6. Cider – flute

Glassware matters. Focus groups have told me time and again that what they drink out of is can be integral part of the experience to them.

  • Size
  • Capacity
  • Style
  • And for those who know sensory science, Design

Beer deserves to have its own and proper glasses for serving. Just like the wine industry has identified glasses that optimize the wine, brandy makers have snifters and so forth.

The glassware we had on hand and used was partially to get them to rethink their drink. Looking at it for color and head, smelling it for aromas, swirling it about for aeration, ideas for presentation.

Rethinking requires a new approach be taken. Different glassware can do that.

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  1. Mego's Land

    I hope that the men enjoyed their dinner as much as we women did (I speak generally, but with confidence!) and that the coaster wasn’t indicative of the entire evening. I came away from our pairing feeling confident, energized, knowledgeable and *embarrassingly slightly* buzzed! Men can be such boys about beer and I hope that your interactive presentation that engaged their senses was something they could handle 🙂 And that now they can (attempt) to be men in one more area of their lives where it is so obviously needed!

  2. Ginger

    Thanks Meg! Appreciate your support and reinforcement that staff educational training can be fun and highly productive; helping learn how to better sell beer is just one way as you well know. It was such a pleasure to host the dinner you were at last October. Indeed, humble thanks. Ginger


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