In the beer world, everyone hugs. Relationships may start with a handshake – and they quickly graduate to hugging. Everyone hugs. Because everyone has a regard for everyone else, almost without exception.

So do you hug customers who support your beer business? If so, how and why? If no, why not?

Hugging's good.

Hugging’s good.

Beyond the first and foremost making-sure-it’s-appropriate, hugs are a remarkable and personal way to build connections. Connections build relationships. Hugs build both.

Here are my suggestions for the business week ahead (obviously as appropriate):

  1. Hug your co-workers.
  2. Hug your suppliers, vendors, and service providers – this includes the folks who get your recyclables and trash.
  3. Hug your customers – if a full-on body hug isn’t in order, a side hug is a bit more comfortable for some and totally acceptable. Ask beforehand – it’s a good idea.
  4. Hug yourself for a job well done.

Hugging amps up the endorphins – check this out. Hugging makes people happy, starting with the hugger. Hugging makes the world a happier and more compassionate place.

Start with a handshake. Deepen your relationships with hugs.

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