Innovation happens in every part of business.

So what would it look like for beer businesses to truly innovate?

  • Adding ‘new’ or ‘different’ ingredients isn’t innovation: that’s recycling previous ingredients from times past.
  • Adding new beer to your brand isn’t innovation; that’s building your portfolio and inventory.
  • Adding different team members, either to truly add or to replace, isn’t innovation. Unless you let them really think for themselves, unless you encourage their own way of thinking. Bringing on a new team member to perform the expectations you already have isn’t innovation; it’s filling an existing post.

Where the beer industry can innovate is to invite everyone to the conversation.

Where the beer industry can innovate is to bring in specialized experts to help expand the field of vision & see possibilities where none have been seen before.

Often only someone outside your organization can see them. That’s part of the value in hiring experts.

To innovate for beer would mean that the best of the best would guide the industry – forward in diplomacy, equality and equity, QAQC and various areas of the business arena.

This is innovation within an industry.

True innovation for beer would be that everyone who has a stake in beer professionally – makers, growers, sellers, publishers, everyone – takes their consumers seriously. That they would truly see what matters is willingness and ability to engage; that taste buds and brains are what we are all after for ideal clients. So many upsides, very few downsides make this innovation easy and straight forward.

You’re putting in the time, effort and dollars anyway, yes? Make them matter more significantly.

With so much beer in the world right now, how do you differentiate beer from other beverage choices?

You innovate, in truly innovative ways.

One way for beer to innovate is to work with (read: hire) experts with very specific knowledge & skills – knowledge & skills no one in the employee team has. Innovation requires disruption, in the best ways.

Innovation doesn’t have to mean throwing everything out and starting over. Innovation happens incrementally and exponentially and everywhere in between. You get to decide how you want it to happen. Do you want improvements now – or do you want to wait, protracting the agony of not innovation and staying stagnant or at least not moving forward?

The investment is your time, effort and money now for productive change – or to wait for ‘a while’ and still be in the same spot?

You get to choose.

When you want to know more specifics, contact me to set up a time to talk about how we can work together to amplify what you’re already doing, maximize and change as it will drive true innovation for positive progress.

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