“Unfortunately we do very little marketing as it is right now and we aren’t in a position to begin marketing to particular segments of the market right now.”

Unfortunate for whom? What is this breweries plan for marketing then? How do they afford marketing staff, POP, POS, trips to promote the beer, and keep the lights on at the facility?

And what segment of the market then is this brewery actually marketing to, if they are apparently not marketing to…well, we don’t know that do we. Do they?

Sarcastic? Yes, a bit. True? Absolutely and entirely.

What I find truly remarkable and stunning is that anyone bringing anything to market thinks that ‘money for marketing’ is an added business budget line. Maybe bringing a plumber in to fix leaks is extra too…(This brewery has been in business since 1989.)

If you don’t already have a full on marketing plan with budget in place, you need to go back to the drawing board and make sure it’s in place. Who do you expect to buy the products if you say you don’t have a marketing budget. With respect to swine, this is hogwash.

And women aren’t a ‘particular segment’ – they ARE the market in the USA. American woman make between 75 to 85% of All Purchases, across category lines in the USA. I would call that the force to reckon with, not a ‘particular segment’.

Does your marketing plan have you trapped by your own thinking?

It’s also incredible to me that hiring specialists is apparently a difficult concept for many people to understand. Think about it this way: You’ve got a car and very few of us actually work on or fix our cars this day and age. So what do you do? You call a specialist. This is the same thing.

If you truly want your marketing to hum, if you seriously want to gather more market share that will help not only pay your current bills – it will lead to increased market share and therefore increased sales, then you better tune into women as buyers.

When will they be in a position? And will ‘right now’ ever go away? Or is this just an excuse to push off help they’re afraid of because they don’t understand it?

It’s that simple. And this email excerpt is sadly that remarkable.

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