We’ve completed the first of a series of Women + Beer reports based on our 2012 Survey. With 240+ respondents from all over the country, this first report is now available for purchase by professionals who want singular insight into how women make decisions around their relationship with beer.

Report #1: Why Do You Drink Beer?
With 34 separately apparent categories, each category within this report has a short explanation. Here is the link to the original Survey and questions.
Since all data requires interpretation to be fully useful and applicable, the purchase of this inaugural report comes with an included one hour discussion.
It’s critical you read the report you’re buying, formulate questions and then ask WEB how we can help you specifically interpret the report to fit your business and specialty.

Report #1 + One-on-One Consultation (1 hour) for previous and existing clients: $500
Report #1 + One-on-One Consultation for future clients and all other interested parties: $750

To Do:
Call Ginger during daytime hours at 515.450.7757 PST to purchase with Credit/Debit Card* and arrange the included One-on-One discussion date and time. It’s best to do it when the information is the freshest so we can help you the most.

    *Checks and cash also gladly accepted; the report will be sent to you electronically following receipt of payment.

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