What is the percentage of female clientele compared with male clientele at sports bars and sports bar concepts restaurants? What is the percentage of women sports bar owners in accordance to the percentage of women owned restaurants?

What if…

sports bars played women’s sports – like all kinds of them, not just token one or big ones or Olympic coverage? All screens, all female, all the time?

…sports bars really wanted to attract female market share? How different or similar to the present model would they be?

…sports bar owners and investors really and obviously gave a damn and asked women what they want in a sports bar? Is this too frightening to explore? Do they really care, really and how can you tell?

…sports bars garnered a bigger slice of the 50.9% of the population that is female by really reaching out to them not just offering ‘something for the ladies’ and having men bring them in?

sports channel claiming to be for women and about women didn’t use purple or pink to identify themselves? (It’s insulting people and totally off base) Do they market men’s sports channels with baby/blue?

What would the layout of the space look like? What would seating choices be? How about drinks menu and food choices? Child and family friendliness that unleashes the harness for women? Would the bathrooms be done correctly? What other amenities would they offer aiming for the female patron, done accurately and appropriately? How many TV’s and big screen or small screens would there actually be? Who would control the viewing content? Would they celebrate and feature female athletes in a non sexualized way? What would the staff uniforms look like? Would they have lots of windows or be dark and non-windowed?

If you don’t think it’s that big a deal or it really matters, crawl out from under your rock and wake up. No business can afford to overlook the overwhelming power of the female consumer.

What if…

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