It’s encouraging and usually productive when people call me to talk about WEB and how it may be helpful to their cause. New brewery starting, need ideas for the plan, how to market beer to women, and so forth.

p1030958So I just want to clarify something today.

It’s not ‘just talk’ that consultants such as myself offer. Answers someone asks for comes from real effort put forth to obtain that information. Talk is not cheap nor is it free just like brewing equipment isn’t cheap or free.

That talk comes from hours planning, soliciting, gathering, synthesizing, compiling, extrapolating, and in general interpreting information. It’s a big investment of time and professional effort.

It’s way more that just talk. It’s actionable information.

I received one such call along these lines just this week. So here’s a part of the follow up email I sent.

“WEB partners to innovatively garner market share of women (and men along the way) by authentically and accurately applying specific knowledge gathered from focus groups, events, etc. to your particular plans and goals based on solid information. That knowledge is what you pay for; it’s a product just as bright tanks are for holding beer.

Partnerships can involve a number of methods of applying and utilizing the information for direct benefit. It’s an investment of information and effort transferred into results. Generally, like any well developed marketing campaign it’s a mapped out plan, proving effective over time.”

I hope this is helpful. Call me when you want to turn effort into action. Thanks.

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