“What kinds of beer do women like?”

We often get asked this question. Here’s the answer: “Ones with flavor.”

This may seem like a ‘duh’ or ‘what kinds of flavor’ lead on, and it’s not. It’s the absolute unequivocal truth.

Of course everyone likes flavor. To assume there are flavors that women prefer over what flavors men prefer is preposterous. Yes, everyone tastes flavors differently, and everyone wants different flavors. That’s exactly the point: that there are no corners on the taste buds of women, or men for that matter. And it’s exactly the reason consumers should try everything they can (suspending judgement on what they think they like) and businesses should be offering samples to all the women they encounter (to see what they do in fact like).

flavors, flavors everywhere....

There may be some lingering ‘women don’t like bitter due to the preherstoric females protecting (literally) the brood’. Let’s get with the times, everyone.

So why don’t all beer oriented companies see this? I can’t tell you that – ask them. What I can tell you is that this is precisely why WEB is around: to enlighten on what, to us and to some of you, is the obvious. These aren’t new clothes for the Emperor: they’ve been there all along!

It’s up to the crowds to see what’s right in front of us and always has been: people like flavor. Flavors vary from region to region by the nature of culture, herstory, availability and so many other factors. All the same, flavor is where you find it. And women want it.

So – beer businesses, take note: Focus on taste buds of women, not the rest of the body. It’s so elemental and simple its shocking that more don’t boil it down to this to begin with. Get rid of ineffective efforts and start by educating women on the flavors of beer.

Boobs, hair color, age, income, location, and all the other so-called important demographic factors means nothing if you don’t have flavor. Beer is an affinity product. Flavors love women, women live flavor.

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