I’m tired of people blaming beer for their own lack of self-restraint. It’s time to cry foul!

Here’s the deal: How many times have you heard someone remark that the state of their belly is a beery one? How many times do we hear someone comment it was their own self-indulgence, lack of self-control, and simply putting down the fork and glass together?


I’m appalled that people will both blame the beer yet never themselves and will never include that its them, not the beer. It’s not funny – its pathetic and insulting to the beer. People are good at playing the blame game and it needs to come to a screeching halt. I’ll go first.

Here's what my beer belly looks like.

Here’s what my beer belly looks like.

As a guest at a business focused meeting last week, one of the attendees giving their pitch indicated 2 times that “if you have a beer belly, then we can help…” some such nonsense, per a health practitioners services. WHAT!? It was all I could do to not call bullshit on the spot. I simply was not going to let that bad and incorrect idea fester longer than humanly possible.

What did I do then? When it was my turn, I refuted the myth point-blank. At these types of meeting, no one would dare to call someone who needed mental health therapy “crazy” or someone grossly overweight “fat” or an ineffectual consultant “a quack”. Heavens no – let’s all emulate some sort of decorum, to the perpetuation of not being able to be direct and create change.

YET we unabashedly blame beer for a belly of a person that is clearly not taking care of themselves.

Here’s the gist: Everything we put in our mouths matters. Quantity, quality, frequency and both nutritional and caloric value matter. Equally so, exercise, moving our bodies, improving our habits and taking full responsibility are keys.

Numerous health focused studies have proven that alcoholic drinks in moderate amounts in harmony with an active lifestyle and thoughtful total diet (of which these drinks are a part) add up to a component of good health. Take control, take responsibility, and don’t let others get away with beer murder.

Ever heard someone say they have a “wine belly” or “cocktail pouch”?

Never blame the beer. Look in the mirror first. And when someone blames their belly on beer, call them on it. I’m totally with you.

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3 Responses to “No Such Thing As A Beer Belly”

  1. Lars Faye

    Crikey…now that’s truth!

  2. Alissa Marquess

    Yes! I was speaking with guests at a beer dinner the other night and found myself speechless for a moment (rare for me) when they asked, “How do you drink beer and look like you do? You make beer look good!” “I mean this is a lovely dinner, but you’ve got to admit this beer has a lot of calories.”

    Being a person who does not generally consider calories, nor have people remark on her body in the middle of dinner it took me a moment to reply. I told them something like “I like real foods, good foods, and I think of beer as a food, so it’s just included in my life like other foods I love. It’s all a matter of choices and how I live.”

  3. Ginger Johnson

    Crikey’s right! And Alissa – glad you replied. Sadly most people have an incorrect assumption that beer is high in calories, when it fact it’s low for the volume. All alcohol has 7 calories per gram; so that martini and glass of wine blow caloric content out of the water, with a much higher Alcohol By Volume (ABV).
    The other sad and need-to-change point is that women have been made (and it’s ongoing) to believe they have to change them selves to be acceptable. BS!!!
    Lastly, a belly is based on consumption, moderation, frequency and activity. How dare anyone blame beer for their own shortcomings to consuming too much!!
    Onward – I think we’d have fun being at a dinner like this together to bust the myths and crap that people still hang on to. g


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