How do you push your passion forward?

Do you think about it all the time, talk about it with anyone within earshot and blather on about it on as many online formats as you can?

Do you write about it, film it or record it in some way?

And then what else do you do? Meaning, if it’s a burning interest, where do you take it from there?

Who's the right audience for your passion?

Who’s the right audience for your passion?

Sharing your passions with other people involves a great deal of energy and time. It involves knowing when to chat and when to shut up. When to send people information about it and when to withhold.

See, your passion is not automatically assumed to be theirs. And diplomacy, self-discipline and listening are all involved. It’s like Kenny Rogers sang: You’ve got to know when to hold ’em…. Constantly pushing your ideas and interests on others can get tiresome, for both you and the audience you’re hoping to address.

Reading the audience is critical in the proper reception and gauging success. Delivering the right message to the wrong group is pointless.

Vet your audience. Even if you can hardly keep it in, success involves researching your best following. The right supporters will help you paddle the boat. The wrong ones will simply weigh you down.

When you are pushing your passion forward, stop – look – listen and then engage based on what you head (not your heart) tells you. If your head has it right, your heart usually follows.

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