I’ve realized in putting my TEDxNapaValley talk together (to be delivered 4/12/15) that Gender Equity is a noble goal. And while everyone may say they’re all for equal rights and equal opportunity, they really aren’t.

Self test: When’s the last time you proudly called yourself a feminist?

Feminism = equality for all. If you’re not a feminist you’re a sexist.

Self test: Do you think it’s okay to call women girls?

Calling a woman a girl is denigrating, disrespectful and infantilizing. I’m appalled at how many women do this to themselves, with no thought to it and certainly no consideration of the larger picture for all females.

Feminism starts at home. Say it aloud: “I am a feminist.” Get comfortable with it, get stronger with the delivery and use it often.

You’re not all for equity and equal rights if you don’t.

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