Okay – no pun intended – there are recipes that makes me crazy aka drive me nuts. You know the ones. The ones that call for “1/2 cup of beer.”

Seriously!? Do recipes call for “1/2 cup of dairy product” or “1/2 pound of meat” or “1 cup of vegetables”?



What kind of beer = important in recipes

As an avid and enthusiastic cook, I usually reference recipe books and books with recipes (not the same thing) for inspiration. If there’s chemistry involved, like muffins or other baking, I pay attention. If there isn’t as much science and the art and exploration of cooking can safely be executed and embraced, I usually cook that way.

It’s insulting to me to have the recipe writer or even editor be this sloppy: “1/2 cup of beer.”

Since I’m starting to research food and beer books in the process of putting together WEB’s first effort, it’s annoying at best – and disrespectful at most.

Anything drive you nuts about recipes with beer?

Now, I’m going to go pour myself a 1/2 cup of beer….

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