‘Craft’ as it pertains to beer means nothing to any beer drinkers.

Let me fill that thought out a bit.

First remember – I am a huge enthusiast. I’m also not the one you need to convince to drink beer, craft or otherwise. (drop any expert mentality here too please)

Calling your beers ‘Craft’ beers  means nothing to most peo0ple; certainly most of the women I have talked  to not in the industry. Sure, some have a vague idea of what it may infer. Most have no clue as to what it specifically means.

So what does that mean for craft brewers? It screams of opportunity.

So here is a HUGE educational opportunity. Educate your consumers, your supporters, your patrons on what Craft Beer means to you – if you promote your beers as craft.

Keep in mind most things that are made period are crafted in some fashion. (between the lines = don’t tear something else down to build your goods up)

Don’t be a snob, be a geek. Getting women to drink beer altogether is progress. Getting them to learn what craft beer is – is next and then go from there.

Over and over and over in focus groups I conduct women have no real idea of what the craft label means – it is primarily an industry and existing enthusiast/beer geek term. Fine – just make sure you are sharing the definition liberally and non condescendingly.

Here are some definitions brought to us by the Brewers Association.

When people understand the definition of a word, then they will choose embrace or not. Regardless, you have educated people and they will be better off for it. Everyone will be better off for it.

It’s easy to do – have servers offer a fun easy-to-understand definition, post a sign (Craft beer = …), play a game with consumer to get their definition and then come together on it.

Define, explain, check for comprehension, deliver.

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