Per yesterdays start on What I’ve Learned About Women and Beer (Lately), allow me to keep expounding.

I’ve learned – or it’s finally sunk in – that many many women like to hang out with other women only at times. The support that is the ‘female group’ is powerful. This is not news to many – but it is newer for me and I find it flat out remarkable.

I’ll not attempt to explain why because I’m still new to it. Suffice it to say, it’s got a dynamic all its own and I can see how the businesses that authentically pursue female only groups and organizations will most definitely see success.

Do you see how important proper marketing of beer to women is?

I have also found that it’s a very empathetic group to vent to and with. Within that venting, there is an overwhelming amount of support and ideation to assist the women in the center of it all.  Women selflessly give of themselves and want to genuinely help another woman, seemingly almost without exception. While I already know women can give of themselves in a really large way, it’s simply a new dynamic to me to be surrounding by an entire group of women only and be totally unjudged and the one they all want to rally around to help.

I’ll wrap up with this thought: Women, in support and in friendship with other women, enjoy beer. At one of the gatherings I hosted last week I felt moved to finally open a delicious bottle of Imperial Stout from good friend and colleague, Steven Pauwels of Boulevard Brewing. The group of 12 were blown away by this beer. Especially since I whipped up (literally) a fresh lush chocolate cake with which it was offered.

Moments of silence followed…until everyone was so enamoured…I even witnessed a good female friend whom I’ve NEVER seen drink much less enjoy a beer, proclaim it was downright tasty and she’d drink it again.

Proof positive that the power of women and beer is not only already here, it’s ready to take off. Talk to women, listen to them, cater to them (with respect), and they’ll reward you ten-fold.

As for me, I’ll repeat the impromptu inviting of female friends over for beer, cheese and cake. I suggest you do the same.

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