If you have a brewpub offer complementary foods.

If beer is the first focus, don’t bastardize it with greasy “traditional” bar food – why would you do that to your beer? Hook up with a chef to help you if need be, just like you’d consult any other industry specialist.

Great Beer Serves Great Food - and Great People

There are myriad resources for learning to pair your beer with food too: CraftBeer.com, books like Tasting Beer, BeerCook.com, and the BA’s guide to pairing (members get these with membership).

It’s time to rethink what pub fare is and can be.

Several places across the country offer food worthy of their beer. One of the first I think of is Snake River Brewing. When we visited last fall on the Home Free Tour, Chris Erickson, Director of Brewing Op’s, pointed out their enlightened menu. Yum! It’s how it should be: Fresh, wholesome food matching the high quality and investment of craft brewed beer.

If you’re a taproom with no food to speak of or not with any kind of food license, no worries. You can still get creative – SOB has food cart vendors come to them when the taproom is open. Good solution. Just make sure you pick foods that go well with your beers and that the foods are a good value.

People’s expectations for food in a beer establishment are still somewhat low. It’s a great time to blow them out of the mash tun with creative, simple and flavorful foods.

Time to set a new tradition. Great Beer deserves Great Food.

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