What’s on or on the label speaks to what’s inside the container.

Like it or not, it’s true. All of us as consumers first notice and act on the labeling of a product. Internet search “impact of effective labeling” and you’ll get a raft of things to read to reinforce this truism.

Like it or not again: actively or subtly, all labels and images are branding your products and services. Some people don’t like that concept, some embrace it. Consumers are absorbing it all so be clear on who you are , what your brand is about and how the images you choose to connect to your brand are based on sounds and forethought information that can help you succeed.

So what does that mean for beer companies?

1. Know that no matter what you think about what’s inside that keg, can or bottle, what matters most is the impression you make on the end consumer. Clever, cute, inside joke type labels will only go so far. Far enough to get you noticed, yet not far enough for strong consistent return patronage, which is what will help your company either succeed or fail.

2. Know that the consumer is the one that will be buying your product, no matter how cool, innovative or unusual it is. They’re the ones paying your bills, overhead and wages. You must know your target market and ensure they can indeed support your endeavors. If not, you need to replan the plan.

3. Know that labels and images matter. They matter more than many companies ever realize or take the time to find out. Market research is an invaluable tool for bringing products and services to market. And that’s the essence of being successful: bringing the product you’re offering to the market you want to buy it.

Know these things to be true. And act on that knowledge to help guide you to success, not ignorant or arrogant failure. Both success and failure draw in and affect way more people than just yourself.

Wouldn’t you rather plan for success than failure? If so, do your homework. Or the research as the case may be.

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