Who’s in charge of your business? I mean, who’s really making or breaking the mold, who’s shaking things up for progress, and who really gives a damn?

Is it you? Do you care about women as a marketshare? Does it bug you for people to talk about a human population as a “marketshare” or would you prefer something softer and fuzzier?

Females are half of the population on Planet Earth. If you think it’s important to know this, you’re right. If you don’t care, it’s time to start caring.

Sylvia gives a damn. Do you?

Sylvia gives a damn. Do you?

If you’re in the beer business, in any way, shape or form, you better care. Women make the majority of financial decisions in America. Do you care about that? If you’re involved in the manufacturer of boxes used in shipping beer, you better care. If you’re a grower of an agricultural component of beer, you’d better care. And if you make and market the beer, you absolutely better give a damn.

Why? Well, start by asking yourself this question: “How many females do I know that I care about?” All ages of females apply. How many can you think of? Three? Twenty? One hundred?

If you can honestly say you have at least one female to care about, guess what: you care.

Caring about females in our global human population makes really good sense. It’s good business too. Hopefully it’s part of how you think about the world at large. And it’s great politics. Since all businesses are political in some way, however quiet or loud, giving a damn about females is critical to business survival and success.

When you’re looking for reasons to care, I’d invite you cruise through our website. With 5.5+ years of content, we’ve covered a lot of ground in asking and gathering women’s’ opinions about beer, their relationship to it and all manner of qualitative psychographic insight on why women engage (or don’t) with beer.

For those of you who already give damn, I salute you! Contact me and ask how we can help your efforts increase in efficacy and meaningfully. For those who are slow to get on board, now’s the time. Call me for help.

Everyone needs assistance and needs insight that they don’t or cannot get themselves to be successful. As the saying goes, no person is an island. In the world of women and beer, WEB is that resource. We go well beyond beer too (other industries welcome to inquire).

Women will give a damn when you do.

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