We are often asked why women don’t drink beer. While there are myriad reasons women both drink and don’t drink, here are a few common findings from women from our research.

  1. The don’t like the flavors of the beers they’ve had. This usually manifests itself as ‘I don’t like beer’ – BECAUSE they have bad flavor memories of the beers they have had. Unfortunately a lot of times this leads to universal dismissal of all beers.
  2. They have a bad memory associated with beer. Again, unfortunately it’s almost always not the beer’s fault; it’s the fault of the drinker or source. They drank too much and got sick or they had beer that was truly bad.
  3. They’ve not been invited to explore the flavors of beer. It’s like a parent not letting a child try a new and unique food thinking the parent thinks they won’t like it based on the parents tastes, not the childs.
  4. 3 women who love beer

    They have alcoholism in their past or families so they want nothing to do with any kind of alcohol. Once again, it’s not the beers fault. Regardless, this is an area of life to always respect and acknowledge.

  5. They think it’s highly caloric. While we don’t expressly study health and nutrition surrounding beer, we do hear the caloric facet come up on rare occasion. Know this is also a low-on-the-totem-pole list of concerns too. I believe that this enters women’s thinking largely due to the hammering of image that woman are supposed to be calorie hypersensitive. Untrue. Most women know or have an idea of the caloric content of a lot of things they consume, many still don’t realize the relative bargain of beer to value (social, experience, flavor, volume). I love to share with women that beer on the average has half the calories of wine, and we enjoy wine too.
  6. It’s assumed they want wine, by someone else, so they aren’t offered a beer. Pish! The more women we talk to, the more speak up that they do in fact prefer a beer in social settings and sometimes have to forcefully ask for a beer if they are not offered one. Seriously, every adult who is capable of making their own beverage choice should be offered a beer.

The best part of all of this is that every brewery, distributor, and retailer can do something about 5 of these 6. And even #4, which needs to be handled carefully, when handled with respect can actually engender return respect for the purveyor.

Women want to enjoy beer. Learn how to ask them what it is they do and don’t like about beer and get the conversation flowing. You’ll find more than enough opportunity to open new doors.

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