Who do you want to buy your products and services?

What was or is your plan to sell your widgets, and to whom are you targeting?

For those who think that marketing beer to women is a fool’s errand, pick up a mirror and you’ll see the only fool present: You.

  • Women make 75 – 85% of all purchasing decisions in the USA, thereby controlling the vast majority of dollars in the country.
  • Females make up the global population majority. When (not if) you recognize that females are the ones to reckon with, you’ll get to where you want to go faster, more effectively and possibly more efficiently.
  • If you don’t fully acknowledge these irrefutables, then you deserve to struggle and muddle your way through, or fail.

Buyers are not always the end consumer. Buyers buy stuff. Consumers consume stuff. They are not synonymous.

Knowing that women make the majority of purchases should still absolutely influence who you market your goods to.

What can you do about it? Stand up and respect women, especially in the beer world. WEB exists because there is much work to be done. Those of you who may say “but I can’t make enough beer to get to market!” really need to reframe: Women are buying all that beer. You better know how to respectfully market your products to them, which you can successfully do and still remain true to brand.

After all, like Dr. Michael Lewis states, you can’t be the one consuming all your beer. You must bring your beer to market. Women will be the buyers you want. The person who thinks they can conduct successful beer business without looking at women as buyers is truly the fool on a dead end errand.

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