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Women Enjoying Beer diverged last night with the monthly meet-up. It happened to be our 1 year anniversary in Southern Oregon. Part of the celebration was that we had a few women present who were at the launch of the monthly meet ups last year (2.11.10) (we’re over 2 years old). Very cool!

The locale was a local salon. Let me explain why we choose it. While it may seem disconnected and we certainly don’t want to have everyone think “Oh, women will obviously want to hear about hair, styling (stereotyping) and so forth.” We met here because the professional (and salon owner) who takes care of my locks was receptive and interested in a collaboration.

Collaborations are a big part of WEB’s agenda – being in business for ourselves AND to drive businesses to the co-host/collaborators place for the event and repeatedly afterward makes it successful for all.

Like beer, the arena of hair information is much more vast and intriguing that most think (yes, really).

So thanks to Drew, the whole Salon Isabella Crew for their gracious hosting, the Anniversary Women, all of the rest of the guests, and of course my faithful associate Kate.

Developing the female beer consumer can take all kinds of shapes and forms. Find out who’s receptive, ask, and then see where you can take it.

Here’s the roaming menu from last night:

Beers = Santa Cruz Ale Works Hefeweizen, Dick’s (Variety Pack), Shmaltz He’Brew Genesis Ale.

Foods = banana chips, red D’Anjou pears, fresh mango, dark chocolate covered raisins, sea salt kettle chips, sweet salami, rye bread, feta and basil bread, Italian bread, apricot walnut bread, whole milk Monterrey Jack cheese, wasabi peas, raw pumpkin seeds.

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