Ashland, Oregon, USA – 2 April 2014

Women Enjoying Beer (WEB) has released the first of several reports on women and beer, Report #1: Why Do You Drink Beer?, reveals 30-plus reasons why women consumers enjoy beer. This first report along with several more to come are based on the 2012 Women + Beer Survey initiated in January 2012 on the company’s website.

Ginger Johnson, company founder and lead researcher, knew plenty of quantitative data existed about beer drinkers. “The question I wanted to answer is of the women who drink beer, why do they? If we can learn this valuable information then the beer industry would have a solid tool to grow their market share with women. It’s an opportunity,” stated Johnson.

As the only business focusing on qualitative research around women and their relationship with beer, WEB is positioned to serve the female consumer and buyer and also help the beer industry correctly address the world’s largest consumer population: women.

Help comes with this first report. A few gleanings include considerations of affordability, food, economics and relationship factors as they relate to women buying and drinking beer. The largest category receiving input was Flavor followed closely by Variety from women across the United States.

Brewers, distributors, and on and off-premise retailers should all have an interest in learning how to best market beer to women. To maintain and grow beer market share within the beverage alcohol industry women are a key market. Not only do women make 75 – 80% of purchases across all categories, they are a large untapped market. With only 20-30% of women who drink alcohol drinking beer, the industry has a lot of opportunity. Since all beer related businesses succeed by knowing their target markets this report stands to greatly assist all facets of the beer industry improve marketing and selling practices by considering the end female consumer and buyer first.

“These reports are a long time in the making and the first one is ready for proactive businesses to utilize in helping their business grow,” states Johnson.

More reports from the 2012 Women + Beer Survey will be forthcoming throughout 2014.


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Women Enjoying Beer (WEB) is the only global business that researches, develops and serves the female beer consumer.  WEB works with the beer industry to help it grow by authentically and accurately marketing to the female beer enthusiast based on qualitative research and education.  WEB also works with women and men directly to encourage their beer education through events, marketing, focus groups, and workshops.  For more information about Women Enjoying Beer and its focus on a ripe opportunity, please visit

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