As it relates to women and beer, here are 10 things that need to change for progress of women + beer together:

1. Focus on quality, not sex, to sell your beer brands.

2. Remove all sexualized images and sexually suggestive names and titles related to women and beer.

3. The assumption must be made that women enjoy beer. It’s about flavor.

4. Get rid of old, out of date, outmoded, and archaic thinking that women don’t enjoy beer.

5. Women must speak up more, more often, more loudly, in more places and in front of more people about what they think about beer. Men need to not tolerate it or encourage it either. Letting it go isn’t helpful – it’s damaging.

These two get it.

These two get it.

6. Educational opportunities must be created by breweries, distributors and retailers far and wide to educate female consumers.

7. These educational opportunities must be fully respectful, with no demeaning or inappropriate language (i.e. Girls Night Out), focusing on women as a market share to be reckoned with. And they are.

8. Full respect for beer, women, and men needs to be the mantra.

9. Everyone has a female they care about. This must transfer to women + beer.

10. Commensurate representation, with both women and men, needs to be part of the images, branding, and company make up of beer focused businesses and organizations.

Finally: It’s not about gender. It’s about opportunity. The goal is to have gender in relation to beer one day be a moot point.

What are you going to do about it right now?

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