KPAM radio in Portland Oregon called me yesterday to be part of the show because they were discussing “women’s beers”. There’s been some coverage lately of companies doing campaigns with products they think are geared towards women. Beer ‘made’ for them.


While I’d agree with Kristy on this point: “Women are an essential part of future growth for the beer industry and can no longer be ignored.” I’d totally disagree on this one: “We need to repair the reputation of beer among women by launching products that meet their needs.” [Caveat: this is all in the UK.]

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Needs? Really – what are womens’ needs for beer? How about this: Fresh, quality, variety.

WEB can tell the American brewers: DON’T DO THIS!!!

Making quality beer is the right thing to do. American brewers: keep brewing what you’re brewing.

The problem that almost all beer professionals still have is that they don’t see that focused female education is the answer to getting women into beer.

It most certainly isn’t making a special batch of something. Start by asking them what flavor they like (then matching what beers are available), then talk to them about why they drink beer AND why they don’t drink beer. Therein lies the answer.

Psychographics will give you all the answers you need to help properly market beer to women.

It incenses and insults women when you pander to them by making a beer especially for them. Seriously, this is not the point at all. In fact if you think this, you’re so far off that you may as well close shop.

You’ve got to know the market your pursuing before you try to sell any product, good, or service. Read Marti Barletta’s book Marketing to Women. It’ll give you all the ammo you need to ‘get it’. Then when you’re ready to hone in on marketing craft/beer to women, call me.

Think about the converse: there isn’t a “man’s beer” being marketed just to men. That’d be ridiculous. To know what people want is important, yes. First you have to find out why they do (and don’t do).


  • Women influence 80% of purchases, across all categories.
  • Females comprise over half the global population.

If you’re not understanding this, you’ve got a huge problem.

FYI: I’ve posted on Molson-Coors before. Every time I do Kristy chimes in. They’ve yet to invite WEB to help them in this arena.

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2 Responses to “Worth Repeating: No Such Thing As A "Woman's Beer"”

  1. Angela Arp

    I agree with you 100%

    The number of women drinking craft been in Nebraska is even lower (greater growth potential ;-)) which is why we thought it was SO important to start the Nebraska Chapter of Barley’s Angels.

    In our discussions with the group, 90% of the members are vocally disappointed (if not completely put off) by these ‘Women’s Beers’.
    I think that women like to be recognized as a different kind of beer consumer, and would like to adjust the ‘typical’ beer marketing, but I don’t think that they want a watered-down, fruited-up beer thrown in their face.

    just my 2cents

  2. Ginger

    Well spent, Angela. g


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