Women Enjoying Beer ®

Businesses that know & apply The Why behind the buy will realize great rewards.

  • American women make 75 – 85%+ of all USA purchasing decisions, across categories.
  • Females in America make up the majority of the human population.
  • Where do you suppose beer’s market growth opportunity lies, then?

We offer very specialized services for the right clients:

  1. Examine what and how you’re selling beer first as it relates to women.
  2. Make you better salespeople to appeal to more women beer buyers and drinkers.


  1. With proprietary female beer buyer and drinker data; qualitative/psychographic. The kind of data that tells the full story of why women buy.
  2. With aspirational beer brand image consulting. Ensuring your images, words and communications are attracting the world’s most powerful buyer: women.
  3. Speaking and training to the above two points for companies who understand value is what you do with information.

Services are customized to each client, starting with fundamental conversations. Call us at 515.450.7757 PST to begin the conversation. Rates and fees are commensurate on goals, time lines, and reach. Letters Of Agreement (LOA) are created with every client for every project to ensure clarity of scope and terms.

Plus we include Life Support with our services: all reasonable calls, conversations and communications directly tied to services purchased are included.

All related travel & supply expenses are added onto fees. Payment due in full, in advance to reserve dates.

Call Today: 515.450.7757  PST

Ginger Johnson, Founder / Owner