Here are a few things to think about per the newsworthiness of Beer.

GABF Media Luncheon - Julia Herz sharing information.

GABF Media Luncheon – Julia Herz sharing information.

At the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) Media Luncheon, we learned:

  • 465 credentialed media were invited (application for creds necessary)
  • 90 Categories of beer were judged at the competition
  • Date coding of beer = big issue for the Brewers Association
  • 6900 Kegs of beer were consumed at the GABF
  • Missing and lost beer kegs = big money and issue in beer community
  • launched a new program: Beer & Food course
  • Beer = $100 billion in 2013; wine = $36 billion
  • There are numerous bills discussed within our government, like S.958…be in the know, do some homework and learn more.
  • There are over 3100 breweries in America with 1.5 new ones opening every single day.
  • 4500 Active licenses, 1900 Breweries in Planning (BIP) accordingly to this figure.

Beer’s big.

Enjoying beer includes supporting the community, whether you drink or not. There are myriad benefits for all, starting with sound community development and revenue. Many people in the entire chain of custody from growers all the way to drinkers are to be considered.

Cheers ~

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