The creation of words (Neology) is something I both intentionally do and unexpectedly accomplish.

Julian, the neology savvy brewer, Beachwood Brewery & BBQ

Julian, the neology savvy brewer, Beachwood Brewery & BBQ

Pints up to Julian, brewer at Beachwood Brewery & BBQ, for enlightening me on the actual term for the word for word creation. It’s something that happens regularly in my life – call them typos if you like. I call them fun and incidental, sometimes very timely, uncanny and meaningful.

One that presented itself from my grey cells recently was beliefable. We’ve used believable for years – why not beliefable. Here’s how I’d define it:

Beliefable: the ability to accept and embrace a single belief or belief concept.

Now, the caveat is that rarely do beliefs disconnect. In other words, beliefs are very tied to each other, in a cottony spider web kind of way. They’re not one-dimensional nor should they be. Beliefs are pretty powerful ideas that are also incredibly personal.

Look in the mirror today. Is who you see beliefable?

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