Check this out: My Fine Husband, a professional brewer (17 years and going) came home the other day and relayed the following story.

Another local brewer, nano and newer, came into the place of his work this week and related a story with the recently commenced local beer week celebration. This brewer hosted an event every night of the week (great) to feature their beers and celebrate. Good so far.

He proceeded to say that for one of the events, the brewery owner invited a local winery in (during beer week?) to offer to the female patrons (why??) and was mystified, even felt sorry for the winery as they hardly sold any wine (??!!!). My husband was dumbfounded. And not just because he has the inside track being married to me. I don’t feel sorry for stupid people who should know better. This is the kind of person the beer industry needs to get rid of.

It gets worse.

This brought to mind a previous brewery he’d worked for that offered wine to women for their mug club membership.

Don't be a Gender Idiot

Don’t be a Gender Idiot

What a frigging minute: These are establishments that supposedly want to build business, serve all their customers and develop new clients, yes? Then why the hell are they doing things like this? Why aren’t they contacting the expert in the industry (WEB) to learn more, increase their knowledge, awareness and savvy in new business development.

While these stories make me laugh, it’s a bitter laugh – these people should not be in business, or in this business, if this is the way they approach the female customer. Absolutely unforgivable. And no, there is no forgiveness here.

These people are being selectively ignorant and it’s embarrassing to the entire community – never mind completely disrespectful to women. What a total and complete insult to assume women don’t want beer. Women want flavor and that comes in all shapes and sizes.

Would a winery offer beer to its male patrons, because some idiot drank the kool-aid (so to speak) that men only drink beer?! Of course not – or at least I hope not.

To those who aren’t progressively thinking forward I say: Fail. It’s time for you to fail if you are this naive to what women want, want to try and are interested in learning about.

The first brewery is also terrible at calling women “girls” – yikes. By one of the female owners even. I guess birds of an ignorant feather flock together.

Why do I do what I do? Because crap like this is inexcusable. And that’s what it is: crap.

Don’t you dare stand or sit for it. Please don’t patronize or support businesses of any sort that allow and therefore perpetuate and support backwards sexist thinking. You put up with this – you miss an opportunity to speak up and affect positive change – then you’re just part of the problem.

Join me in being part of the solution.


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