Yesterday we highlighted this beer and just some of the conversation it’s generating (read the comments).

Today we’re sharing a few that came straight to WEB (per our comment post).

  1. “Well said Ginger.  First of all, this seems like a very “dumbed-down” marketing approach towards women, and you’re spot-on with knowing your audience. Secondly, it’s just done in bad taste!  How can someone studying marketing towards women not realize that our aesthetics go far beyond hot pink and negligees…I know that was intended to look as a LBD [little black dress], but it’s obviously designed to look as lingerie. It just blows my mind that all of the well designed artistic packaging in Shazz’s mind doesn’t appeal towards women.  Does she really think women are so flat?  Look at Sierra, Anchor, Brooklyn, New Belgium, Founders, even Pabst! Wonderful design encompassing many different elements and principles of art…not curly cue letters and hot pink.”
  2. “Agree 100%! Chick beer? I’d hate the see what the male counterpart to that would be.”

What do YOU think?

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