So – are your customers happy or content?

  • Happy = delighted, pleased, glad.
  • Content = satisfied with what one has; agreeing.

They are different. A happy person can also be content, yet a content person is not always happy.

What you want is your consumer to be happy. A noticeable gladness is usually the desired outcome of an experience. To be content with an experience can mean it may fall short of happiness.

For example:

  • She was content to wait for the plane to arrive, even though it was late.
  • She was happy to wait for the plane, even though it was late.
Content or happy?

Content or happy?

What? The second one sounds off. Most likely because we are usually not happy to wait for something we expect at a certain time. And making her or anyone wait is usually a negative for the experience and brands she associates with the experience.

Can you always control it? Not really, though there is more you can do than most are willing to do. So figure out what you can control and work on those aspects. She controls her dollars so you want to address her properly.

Try this:

  • She was content to be served a beer of the bartenders choice.
  • She was happy to be served a beer of the bartenders choice.

Which ‘she’ would you rather be – happy or content?

When you’re in the beer business, you better be aiming for happy, not merely content. She has the worlds most powerful wallet, controlling fully 75 – 85% of purchases in America alone. Never mind on the global scale. Women are the primary influencing factor. So you want to make her happy by finding out about her, how she wasn’t to be addressed and then how to treat her as a population you want.

Content is not good enough. Aim for happy.

Here’s another view point on happy vs. content

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