You know the adage “Cleanliness is next to godliness…”

All idolatry aside,  cleanliness is important.

mop-bucketAnd you know what? Most women feel the same way.

When you have a clean establishment, they want to be there because they know you care. If the floor or corners are dirty, missed by the broom and mop – it’s noticed. When the bathrooms are unkempt and dirty (not just messy) – yesh! MAJOR negative. When the glassware and dishes are not paid attention to – that’s a no-no.

Said another way – if you don’t care then they certainly aren’t going to – enough to not patronize your business. This translates outward too. If they’ve been to your place (brewery/pub/taproom) and it’s dirty, they’re way less likely to purchase your products, beers, & goods from other sources as well.

So here’s a goodie for you: Keep Your Act Clean.

Cleanliness will have positive payoffs when marketing to women consumers – craft beer, lumber, clothing, whatever.

No one – women & men – likes to shop in a dirty messy place – and remember dirty is different than messy or sloppy. Dirty is much worse. Dirty says you don’t care, that you are unsanitary, careless and therefore your standards are low. (Stay tidy though, too.)

Tsk tsk. Such an easy thing to pay attention to and do well.

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