When you smell something, you are experiencing orthonasal olfaction.

When you taste something with your mouth, you are experiencing texture, mouthfeel and aroma in retronasal capacity.

Nicole (c) & Lindsay (r)

Nicole (c) & Lindsay (r)

The universe that is our senses is different for every single person. Truly remarkable. And that makes it all the more remarkable that we can relate to each other – through what we perceive to be commonly  accepted terms of smell and taste.

In April I had the mind expanding pleasure to take in a talk given by a whole panel and beer & science folks. The two I want to highlight today are Lindsay Guerdrum, Sensory Analyst at New Belgium Brewing Fort Collins CO, and Nicole Garneau, Denver CO Museum of Science and Nature (here’s Lindsay talking up sensory; here’s Nicole’s TEDx talk).


What blows my mind is the science of taste and smell – something most of us take for granted. The wonder team of Lindsay and Nicole provided enlightenment, whet my appetite to learn more, and was highly entertaining. And the more you’re entertained in an educational setting, the more you retain.

Like they stated, “gluttony is not glorious.” I’d posit that enjoyment, moderation, savoring, and sharing is where the glory is.

So start with your nose…

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