I don’t know…what do you think?

When you read the entire article it makes you wonder. Did the reporter get all the information right? Is the leadership of the BSP misguided?

It needs to be about education. For All. Period.

Capture the data via focus groups etc. then apply that information. Make sure you are asking the proper sources for the information that will propel your cause forward.

I really want to believe they are trying yet the information on their site and from articles like this (which are in all fairness slightly out of their control) leaves the question mark dangling.

‘Managing director Kirsty Derry of BitterSweet Partnership said: “We’re looking forward to the day when beer becomes an aspirational choice for women. The industry has for too long ignored women – our job is to redress this balance.

BitterSweet Partnership is here, first and foremost to listen to women, to dispel the many myths associated with beer, to develop products designed with the female palate in mind, and to change the buying and drinking experiences for them.”

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