Welcome to the last day of 2013!

It’s an opportunity to reflect – or not – on what went past our eyes and ears way to fast over the last 364 days. We get 365 more to get into again starting tomorrow.

Be like Pete The Cat - he does what he can, and he can do a lot.

Be like Pete The Cat – he does what he can, and he can do a lot.

Do you create goals for yourself? I do. Business and personal. It helps me quantify what I think I want to “do” in the next 30.4 dozen days ahead. The goals are specific and attainable and dynamic and posted in an obvious place I see everyday.

Here’s what I hope will be a few shared goals for you and I.

1. All around: Be a feminist. Definition = the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.

2. Businesses: Properly and fully recognize the half+ of the global population in females, in all industries and pursuits, beer and all others.

3. Personal: Understand and proactively improve the world around you. No griping unless you have a solution you’re willing to talk about and implement.

These may be simple – and I think they are. It’s the fulfillment of the goals, the whats-it-take-to-get-there, the rolled up sleeves part. Simple can be straight forward and easy, it can be complicated and multi layered. Nonetheless, the ideas are simple ones.

Help us all starting with ourselves to make the world a better place as we struggle forward. It’s not called the ‘human race’ for nothing.

Happy New Year ~

Ginger, Founder, Owner, Women Enjoying Beer

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