What do you know about honey? Bees? Honeybees? Mead?

The Honey & Pollination Center recently hosted the 2nd iteration of an Intro to Mead Making class on campus at U C Davis, Robert Mondavi Institute.

Amina Harris in action, Honey & Pollination Center.

Amina Harris in action, Honey & Pollination Center.

Wow. Suffice it to say most people – including me – know little to nothing about bees, honey and mead. We unthinkingly take bees for granted. Let me share a few things I learned.

  • Mead is likely the oldest fermented beverage. You only need honey and water for the magic to happen.
  • No honey produced in the continental US is certified organic. Some comes from Hawaii.
  • All honey is considered natural.
  • No honey produced in the US is certified non-GMO; it’s a product that is unaffected by GMO plants.
  • Warming up honey is helpful in tasting honey (use your hand warmth).
  • Commercial mead makers have an interesting (read: challenging) labeling landscape that needs changing; it’s confusing to consumers.
  • We all need to support beekeeping and bees.
Honey ready for a tasting.

Honey ready for a tasting.

Amina Harris, the firepower behind the Center is pretty incredible. She’s passionate without being arrogant, wise and smart, and very approachable.

Please visit their site to learn more and find out how you can support it. Take proactive steps to support and encourage a healthy bee population. I’d also highly recommend the classes for everyone who is interested in this facet of life on earth.

It’s critically important to us all. That’s the buzz.

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