Said another way, how do you re-inspire yourself to get busy?

Take time, get re-inspired

Take time, get re-inspired

Do you turn on music? Turn off music? Take a walk? Take a break? Have a snack? Surf online? Surf the ocean? Call a friend? Read through notes? Read a book? Check out Facebook? Take a nap? Take a ride? Go for a ride? Walk a dog?

Whatever it is that re-inspires you, do it. I find that if I stall out, the answer to get me re-engaged is somewhat dependent on other factors. There’s no one thing that jogs the blockage free, though that’d be darn handy.

A short nap is really helpful at times, getting fresh air and moving my body with my dogs is always good, and simply looking out the window can do the trick.

I know I don’t make enough time to read for myself. I’m guessing a lot of professionals don’t and we should do a lot more of it. Readers are Leaders.

Do what you gotta do. Simply make sure you allow yourself moments of down time, refreshment, and pondering for pondering sake. Onward.

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