How many hollow sounding mission statements have you read on walls, posters or otherwise plastered across a companies collective persona display? How many of those do you believe?

Do you know who your customer is now?

Who exactly are you out to please? The customers? Your employees? Yourself? Shareholders?  You have to be able to answer that question before you can plaster any message anywhere, even the bathroom.

A guess would be that, if you’re a brewer, you have a passion and the reasons you’re where you are is because of you. Fine. Now – are you going to be the one to buy your beer and sustain you? Are you independently wealthy?

When the laughing dies down from that last one, think about this. The customer is who you need to please now. They are the ones who will sustain and grow your business. No matter how good or poor your product is – beer notwithstanding – people will only patronize you sustainably if you deliver to them. What have you shipped to your customers lately?

If you still think it’s all about you, get another mirror to to look into. Yes, still grow according to your master plan. And you better be listening to them along the way too as they’ll help you make the best decisions you can make.

Maybe you’re mantra should be “We’re not here to please everyone. We’re here to please you.”

Just know who the ‘you’ is now. I have seen the customer and they are them. She, in particular, is ready.

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