Common scenarios:

1. Women driving next to our red car with the Women Enjoying Beer decals regularly honk and give a big thumbs up/heck yea!/big smile or otherwise “yes-I-love-beer” feedback. Men too.

2. Women at my bank, in the grocery store, at the post office and farmers market are compelled to comment their support. My banker all but tackled me today with her enthusiasm over a new beer she’d discovered.

3. Women all over the online community regularly send us emails with comments, questions, and different requests.

Women everywhere are loving beer

4. My husband will get #1 & #2 above when he has the car or some other signal that he’s involved with the idea.

5. Kate has had one of the magnets stolen off her car when running errands. Stealing isn’t cool. The fact that someone wants our logo with them is not all bad (they can buy one from us though).

6. More and more curious industry people are contacting us with questions and comments.

7. Festivals find our table/booth mashed full of interested women and men wanting to know more, media like to take pictures with our logo/us (perhaps still a curiosity beyond being ‘just another vendor’…?).

8. I’ll get cornered out and about on what I “do” and then get peppered with lively questions and invariably an email address to be kept up to date.

All of these add up to one thing: Women + Beer = Good.

What signs to you see that the 50+% of the population is engaging in beer? Look around, pay attention, listen, learn, ask, talk, act.

Like the song says, “Signs, signs, everywhere signs…”

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