If you were given a day to write your life story, how would it read?

A story is the gift of sharing experiences, trying to put into words what you’ve seen, been through, and enjoyed. It’s the journey of the ups and downs, ins and outs and the rest of the platitudes that include making our way through life as we know it.

So how easy would it be to write your life story?

What do you suppose her story is?

What do you suppose her story is?

If you’re a brand – beer or otherwise – what’s your life story? How did the brand come to be? What does the company stand for and what does it not tolerate? Why do you have a story to begin with and who may be interested in it?

The story is the core of a successful endeavor. Being able to tell the story succinctly when needed, in expanded version when appropriate, and hitting the core principles of what you and the brand are all about is the story.

Go on. I challenge you to write your story today.

Let it flow, don’t get balled up in grammar and spelling, cohesiveness or form. Simply start writing. Sleep on what you write, giving it a day to ferment. Come back to it tomorrow and read it, adjust, add, and keep writing.

Successful, dare I say ‘great’, brands are the ones with a compelling story who are able to communicate that story clearly.

So what’s your story, morning glory? I’m interested. Send me your brand stories at ginger@womenenjoyingbeer.com

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