This post goes out today with a nod to powerhouse, Loren Fogelman.

Your Four Talents:

1. Gifts – You possess these naturally, you love them and excel at them.

2. Areas of Excellence – People come to you for these skills, you can do them, yet they may bore you if done for any length of time.

3. Competencies – You’re good at these and you get bored quickly with them.

4. Incompetencies – You have no business doing these things.

Are your talents clear to you and others - or fuzzy?

Are your talents clear to you and others – or fuzzy?

I heard Loren talk about these as her guest at an NAPW meeting a few weeks back. Loren is impressive in her mastery of material, delivery, presence and projecting her energy forward.

So why am I sharing this with you today? I’d suggest you look at your 4 talents and how you exercise them, no matter who you are and what you are currently occupied with. Work, volunteer, retired and between ‘things’. Now’s a good time to either evaluate or re-examine what is it you’re using this one go round for.

I know I sometimes struggle with how to better budget my time. Balance is a myth and no one can have it all since “all” is different for every body. My talents are always up for examination; where and how I apply them equally so. In the process – and it’s perpetual – I learn more, get better at charging after things I want, letting go of things that are unproductive, and learning to be more graceful on the whole.

Sometimes it’s tougher than we’d like to get rid of a task or obligation that weighs us down. Sometimes it’s not in the cards at all. When you can play it out, it can be cathartic, truly empowering and invigorating.

The 4 Talents to me are groups of skills, characteristics, and abilities influenced by my beliefs, opinions, and thinkings.

It’s time to examine your 4 Talents. I’ll be doing my next personal review with fresh beer and nibbles close at hand. Care to join me?

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