Features and Benefits of Beer

  • Feature: an interesting or important part, quality, ability, etc.
  • Benefit: a good or helpful result or effect

Now that those two are clearly defined, what are the features and benefits of your beer? What are the features of the brand that differentiates You from Them? What are the benefits of choosing Your Beer over Their Beer?

Here’s some insight:

Female beer buyers and consumers all want 3 things in their relationship with beer: a social component, an educational facet and a value proposition. All three of these fit the specific person and situation, every time, sometimes varying widely from another time. They are ever-changing so if you’re a beer business you must be aware of this fact.

Features & Benefits of beer: talking about them with customers is key.

Features & Benefits of beer: talking about them with customers is key.

Another thing to note is that consistency of positive experience will bring women in and keep them there. Consumers move around – they like to try, go and do whatever it is that catches their eyes and tastebuds.

By extolling the virtues in the form of brand features and benefits you will give them a reason to come to your brand, and hopefully, reasons to stay.

Women want the positive too, by the way. Don’t denigrate another brand to build yours up. That’s political BS and no one really likes perpetual negativity. Plus if your brand can’t stand on the quality platform alone, then it has no business being in the beer business to begin with. What women do like is quality, a flavor that appeals to them and a good interaction.

Invest your time outlining, honestly not myopically, features and benefits of your brand, how to utilize them for success internally then externally, and keep moving forward.

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Swig & Stitch 11.12.13 Menu

Swig & Stitch is a collaboration, brilliantly started by Sandi Globus, long time successful businessperson and owner of Fabric of Vision. We’ve been conducting a monthly beer version of Swig & Stitch for going on three years (she started with a wine bar 7 years ago and it’s still going strong!).

Each month we meet at our host, 4 Daughters Irish Pub, wherein Sandi proceeds to teach sewing techniques, illustrated via specific projects. She educates, shares, answers questions and leads. I get to intersperse beer and food tastings (3 times) between the illustration projects.

Since we’re at a public establishment, it’s inevitable that people come into the usually open room where we meet and look around, realize there’s ‘something going on’ and amble out. Something going on for sure.

Education, social, value.* Sewing technique workshop partnered with beer tasting. What a great combination!

Heck, we have people that don’t sew very much, people that don’t drink very much beer and they all come for the 3 Universal Truths listed above.*

We’ll keep at it since it’s successful all around. Here’s the menu we enjoyed last night.

Want your own Swig & Stitch party? Hire us directly (it’s a trademarked name too). Be in touch.

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Level of Flexibility

What’s your level of flexibility?

If you’re a consumer, what are you flexible on – service? Cleanliness? Products availability? Attitude of staff? Proximity?

If you’re a professional, what are you flexible on – how many customers you serve each day? When you open and close? What you share with clients? What information you make available?

Flexibility is a highly personal thing and it’s essential to building patronage in all directions. From consumer to brand, from brand to consumer. Being flexible is of course way more beneficial that being rigid.

What are your flexibilities?

What are your flexibilities?

All the same, we have lines in the sand, every one of us. What are you willing to negotiate on? What are your dealbreakers?

With women and beer, there are 3 Universal Truths (based on the qualitative research we conduct). And only three. Sure, there are other common themes and threads. Just as there are for beer businesses, and all businesses.

That being stated, a few things that need to be true with every brand, for every consumer are consistency and quality. You can be consistently surprising or consistently the same. You can be quality focused in many ways and on many levels, high to low.

Know what your flexibilities are and exercise them. I know for myself a brand has to be consistently high quality focused, truly “huggers”, and have a very upbeat and can-do attitude. “No Problem” is a big problem.

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