31 Facets of Women & Beer: Facet #27

Let’s plunge into #27 with Marketing to Drive Female Traffic to your beer brands.

Be they:

  • Breweries
  • Taprooms
  • Brewpubs
  • Restaurants
  • Bars

Marketing to women, as we’ve discussed before, is different from marketing to men for every product. Since everyone is different from each other to begin with, we must first acknowledge there are differences. Differences does not mean not equal. Different means different as in not the same techniques will work because one group thinks in ways not like the other group.

Women base purchases on different factors, they look for different qualities in the products and services they purchase, they repeat transactions, and endorse or abandon products and services based on different things.

Do you know how ot market your beers to women?

Yes, there’s some overlap – that’s part of all of us being the human race. That said, women buy differently than men. Men buy differently than women.

Recognize this, figure out the differences and then address and attract target market shares accordingly. Smart businesses realize women are not only the future of beer, but the continued future of all purchases (across categories).

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31 Facets of Women & Beer: Facet #26

Labels and titles are powerful words assigned to things, people and situations.

Based in our research, use the words Female and Woman with universality. They’re both respectful, comprehensive and acceptable.

Don’t use words that are slang, demeaning or otherwise disrespectful (however well intended, they’re still the poor choices). Examples of what not to use in relation to women and beer: Girls (under 12), Babes (sexualized), Broads (rough and crass), Babies (infantilization), Chick (farm animal).

This facet is extremely straight forward. The irony here is that many women assign poor word choices to themselves, thereby perpetuating the green light for others to call them that. If you are a woman who is doing this, look outside and beyond your own self to see what these terms do to keep women down.

You don’t hear about men’s groups related to beer using slang like dicks, well hung, boys or cocks. Seriously – think about it first. Think about the label being assigned to your mom or daughter. Is it appropriate now?

Clever is no good unless it’s respectful and appropriate. Humor is good and acceptable if it’s respectful and fun. Good examples: Ales 4 FemAles and LOLA.

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31 Facets of Women & Beer: Facet #24

We’re up to number 24 in our series. Seem like a lot? One primary reason is that women and their relationship with beer has not been properly explored starting with her first. Hence a lot of ground to cover.

Today #24 is social responsibility of your beer business. 

Is your beer business socially responsible? Do you share that with your market and use it to attract potential new market share in women?

As long as:

  • You’re authentically socially active and responsible
  • You’re not exercising self aggrandizement for the sheer sake of marketing
  • This factor is actually adding value to your communities

Then utilize and advertise this part of your business model.

If you’re only doing it because you think it’s what ‘you should do‘ and it’s really just a ploy, don’t do it. Women can smell a phony campaign a mile away and the damage done in falseness herein is foolish and relatively permanent.

Authenticity and transparency here is critical to women.

Doing the socially responsible right thing and sharing it with your market share – especially women, is good for all.

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31 Facets of Women & Beer: Facet #21

What’s the reward or incentive for women to engage in your beer?

Like it or not, everything we do has needs some sort of incentive or reward. We’re creatures of affinity – we want to do what we want to do. And when we do those things, we like to:

  1. Feel good about doing it
  2. Feel good about having done it
  3. Want recognition for it
  4. Want to repeat it
  5. Want to share it
  6. Want internal reinforcement to do it again (see #1)
  7. Want to get external reinforcement to do it again

…and the list goes on.

Rewards for supporters = Important

Women also like to share the whole deal forward – they want to tell everyone who they think cares about their reward and will want them to also enjoy it. Double whammy…exponential really when you consider she outpaces him in social media (which is HUGE when done right).

We’re human. And humans like positive reinforcement. So what do your beers and brands do for the woman who participates? The one who buys it every week and either does or doesn’t drink it (or drink much of it)? She needs to be rewarded somehow.

What of the woman who is so loyal to a brand, particular label or brewery that she’s a raving fan and provides the kind of grassroots marketing that you simple can’t hire anyone else to accomplish?

Reward women for participating in making your brand happen. Simple to complex, free, inexpensive or over the top. Just make sure she knows you want to reward here, that you actually do so, and then repeat the process. Over and over and over. That’s what brand building is all about. Successful repetition, with constant evaluation and tweaking.

Women are your answer.

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31 Facets of Women & Beer: Facet #18

Women like to partake of beer outdoors. Facet 18 will expound on this finding.

Maybe it’s a ‘duh’ for some brands, especially those who are in outdoor heavy areas of the world: Mountains, coasts, and other places automatically associated with the outdoors. If this idea evokes an ‘aha!’moment for you instead, then get to it.

The moniker of “great” per outdoors is no accident. So don’t make the accident of not figuring out a way for women to enjoy your beer out of doors.

Welcome them to Mother Nature with a simple patio – it doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to be nice, clean and reasonably comfortable. Furniture that’s easy to sit in, a flat surface for solid footing, shade if the blazing sun is involved, sunshine if it’s a cool climate. What you’re doing here is facilitating the experience with a suitable venue for her.

A great many people who enjoy beer also enjoy the out of doors, in some capacity. Women are no exception here. Get your beer out of doors and women will happily enjoy it there. Leave it in and lessen your potential to cement positive experiences and therefore the memories of your brand with her life.

p.s. Canned beer is a growing part of getting your beer brand in her hand out of doors

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31 Facets of Women & Beer: Facet #4

To continue on the Canned Beer theme, today we’re expounding on yesterday’s post: Facet #4 is Canned Beer and Sustainability.

Watch out for light!

Women want products from companies that exercise and actively practice sustainability. No green washers need apply.

Canned beer is a big move in the right marketing beer to women direction. Bottles are unsafe and not allowed into most parks and in other outdoor venues where they may shatter or otherwise break, potentially causing damage to the environment, a person or other animal, or equipment. Either way, bottles are dicey companions. Kegs are cumbersome and heavy.

Cans are also very light and for anyone who has camped with the “pack it in, pack it out” in place knows that cans are not only lighter weight, since they’re crushable and still recyclable, they’re very muscle friendly.

Women like products that are kind to Mother Nature. Canned beer is one of those products. Consider canning your beer, changing over from glass bottles to aluminum cans, and in general promote this sustainable step.

We can all enjoy more beer for longer when we take care of the planet first. Women agree.

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