31 Facets of Women & Beer: Facet #23

Swag. Schwag, Goodies. Tchotchkes. Promotional products.

Whatever you call them, how do women perceive and receive goodies (my favorite term)? Goodies should, by the whole intent, be items a recipient wants to get.

Goodies from a business perspective should be smart, related to the brands and durable. Get the most bang for your bucks and efforts and do the least amount of damage to the planet in the process.

From the female beer enthusiasts perspective here are some considerations as you consider goodies to give away:

  • Is it useful?
  • It is creative or unique – will I get this item from yet another brewery/distributor/bar? (yawn!)
  • Is it made with sustainability in mind?
  • Is it durable? (disposable never really ‘goes away’ – it just clutters up our planet)
  • How does it relate to the brand?
  • Is it relevant to me?
  • Is it a female fit or is it a unisex or men’s size (no women’s?? WRONG move….)

Giving away goodies can be a very positive reinforcer. Make sure you’re putting thought into how it relates to your brand, it’s usefulness to her, and its long term value and durability.

The world does not need any more foam – koozies or otherwise. Make it make sense to her and your beer.

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31 Facets of Women & Beer: Facet #17

Do you know how to communicate with women? Communication is Facet 17 – although it should perhaps prioritarily be number one.

Do you know what women want? Communicate with them and find out.

Communication makes the world go round. It lubricates relationships, facilitates good deeds, and is directly tied to women and their relationship with beer.

Ask yourself and your brand, very specifically:

Do you know how the women who do or want to or who may have a potential drive to support your brand want to be communicated with?

If you don’t, start asking.

Talk with women, solicit information from them on this very thing. How, when, where, frequency and how much. Women will tell you how often, in what format, and with which vehicles they wish to hear from you and about your beers.

The old saw of not knowing what the heck women want is only true if you don’t ask them.

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31 Facets of Women & Beer: Facet #13

Women and Beer Facet #13 is No Color Needed (or wanted).

Beer is beer. Beer is not pink, it’s not baby blue, or any other color.

And it’s not about marketing a beer expressly made for women to women. That’s tooooootally off base and complete bunk. Here are a couple doozies that stink (1 and 2).

We had yet another contact by a student involved in a group marketing project. This group chose to market beer to women.

Right off the bat I told them: Beer isn’t about gender. And marketing is about knowing your market. One facet of this that came up in our conversation was the color issue. No pinkification – it’s insulting, totally misguided and usually is quite a pandering move by the driving company. Unless you’re Barbie, Victoria’s Secret or Susan G. Komen, or you’re doing an authentic collaboration with the aforementioned, leave the pink alone.

Beer is about flavor, not color. In one way, it’s that simple.

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31 Facets of Women & Beer: Facet #8

Economics lessons rarely include the everyday idea: how do I budget my enjoyment of beer into my life?

What's the economic proposition of your beer for women?

While most women perhaps don’t think that specifically (although I know some do have a beer budget!), it’s important nonetheless to recognize that:

  • With women the spenders of 80+% of all dollars in the USA…
  • With females being 50+% of the global population…
  • With THOUSANDS of beers out there…

…one needs to be cognizant of the beer budget for women.

One great thing is many beers are highly affordable per volume proposition. A six-pack of bottles or cans is a very economical way to fully enjoy many ounces of flavor, share and repeat.

Look at how your beers are priced, including the pricing per packaging with her in mind. She makes the purchases, even though she may not always even drink it. She’s still in charge (or cash or check).

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