Come Celebrate: WEB’s 6th Beerthday Party

We invite one and all to join us for a celebration on November 20th for Women Enjoying Beer’s 6th Beerthday.

It’s FREE and all guests need to register on line – here’s the link.

Come celebrate with us!

Come celebrate with us!

All ages welcome at our fine host (until 10 pm) 4 Daughters Irish Pub. They’ve been terrific clients and partners for years.

From 6 – 8 pm, we’ll be talking, laughing and entertaining the group – drink & food are on your own, though I have been known to buy a round for the room! Come see what happens.

I’ll give a fun & lively presentation at 630 pm as well.

Plus: The fun continues the next morning as WEB hosts Ashland Chamber of Commerce Greeters meeting – all welcome once again – from 830 – 930 am, at Louie’s Pub, downtown Ashland, OR. We’ll have a ribbon cutting to celebrate at that time too.

Cheers, thanks & we’ll see you there –


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Beer & Chocolate at Swig & Stitch

Yum! If you already enjoy beer and chocolate, kudos to knowing about how versatile and tasty this combination can be. If you’ve yet to discover that beer and chocolate go hand and glass, it’s time to start tasting.

Last night at Swig & Stitch we paired Dagoba Chocolates with various beers at our host location, 4 Daughters Irish Pub. What a success!

To start – when I announced as much, the room gave an approving “mmmmmm” sound. As a presenter, it’s always good to have the audience excited about the forthcoming event.

Sandi teaching techniques at Swig & Stitch

Sandi teaching techniques at Swig & Stitch

It’s fun to mix and match too…though the chocolate rapidly disappeared and the beers were quickly enjoyed. So it goes for tasting – and so it should go. We feature small pours and portions. Enjoying beer and food includes exercising moderation.

We’ve got the Season Wrap-Up Event June 10th, in conjunction with Medford Beer Week. A fun program, beer & wine, and smackerels are all on the agenda. All are welcome (over 21 years of age) – here’s the info & registration link.

I encourage you to find Dagoba and other chocolates, choose some beers and get tasting. Everything tastes better at a welcoming establishment and with others. Let me know (comment below) the combinations you find delicious – we’ll share them forward.


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Beer + Food + Quilting = Swig & Stitch

  • Did you know that quilting in America experienced a renaissance in 1976 due to the United States Bicentennial?
  • Did you know that quilting and jazz are two uniquely American arts?

With roots from all over, America adopted and ran with both of these quintessentially (now) classic elements of everyday life. What was once perhaps necessary (quilting with scraps so as not to waste), quilting is in a fade out phase. It’s time to rejuvenate and instigate a much younger wave of quilting enthusiasts into the aging quilting population.

Sandi leading the quilting session last night.

Sandi leading the quilting session last night.

Last night was the inaugural Quilting Edition of Swig & Stitch, a monthly gathering for all that Sandi, Fabric of Vision, and I conduct. She’s done them for years – first with a wine meet-up. 3 years ago we started a beer version that’s been very successful and energetically received.

Stepping out with a special quilt version was a natural step. I found myself leaning in to the story of quilting and information within this fascinating facet of life.

Coupled with beer + food tastings, Swig & Stitch is an engaging educational endeavor that I’m very happy and proud to be a part of. Thanks to our fine Host, 4 Daughters Irish Pub, and all the guests who perpetuate this event in good taste. And a big fluffy thanks to Sandi for the vision and opportunity to work side by side, beer by beer, project by project. Lucky me.

4/29/14 Swig & Stitch Menu

  • Stella Artois with Chicken Pot Pie
  • Ninkasi Total Domination with Tomato Bisque soup and bleu cheese crumbles
  • Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA with 4 Daughters’ signature Oregon Salad

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Bring On The Questions!

Last night’s monthly episode of Swig & Stitch was particularly gratifying. It’s always fun, enlightening and invigorating – for me and the guests.

And last night was all the more engaging for a few reasons.

1. We had a really nice guest list of both returning and new folks. We’re glad for and appreciate both.

2. The beer and food pairings were really in a groove. Our host 4 Daughters Irish Pub and the GM, Brandy, are super easy to work with and we’ll stay as long as it’s still groovy.

3. When talking with a few guests (2 brand new, 2 having been to only one S&S before), I asked them what they wanted to learn about. The questions that came from them helped drive the nights beer education forward.

Swig & Stitch: Beer & Food tastings partnered with Sewing technique lessons = success!

Swig & Stitch: Beer & Food tastings partnered with Sewing technique lessons = success!

As an educator, I’m keen on knowing what the audience wants to know. It’d be pretty conceited if I only talked about what I wanted to talk about. All audiences are different and many presenters seem to neglect that. They get caught up in themselves and the material and forget who the heck they’re there for!

One of the questions that was a terrific one to discuss was this: How do I learn to like beer? WOW! Talk about open-minded, willingness and a desire to learn. In reply to this question, I asked her why she wanted to like beer…and we chatted for a bit until I needed to move to the next table.

It’s a great question and precisely the reason why we do the qualitative research WEB conducts. These are powerful “why” questions – they drive our decision-making process and are important in all facets of progress.

Thanks to Tammy and all the attendees last night. Here’s the menu we enjoyed.

p.s. I got a few more questions from the guests to explore at future episodes…all welcome, RSVP’s in advance needed. Contact Fabric of Vision to reserve your seats.

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Beer & Sewing

If you follow us then you know we collaborate with a local business for a monthly meet-up. It’s called Swig & Stitch and is the brilliant and useful brainchild of Sandi, partner in S&S and owner of Fabric of Vision.

Swig & Stitch

Swig & Stitch

Really, the name of her business speaks for her. She’s got vision, a real grounded sense of life, purpose and humor. Oh – and she really enjoys beer. It’s a pleasure to work with her to educate people on sewing technique demos and beer & food tastings.

The menu we enjoyed last night, at our fine host 4 Daughters Irish Pub:

  • Spinach salad paired with SOB Porter
  • Corned beef and cabbage with the 4 Daughters house Brown
  • Vanilla ice cream float with Guinness Dry Irish Stout

Classic, basic, yummy.

Thanks to the great guests who join us. As I always say, the guests make the party!

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Tasty Holidays, Swig & Stitch Style

Swig & Stitch: learn about beer and sewing techniques. Both useful and fun.

Swig & Stitch: learn about beer and sewing techniques. Both useful and fun.

Cheers to those folks who have and continue to attend our monthly Swig & Stitch events. Last night we held our December beer version with much success again.

4 Daughters Irish Pub is our host, with the very talented and professional (and fun) GM Brandy at the helm. Tim (server), Alec (beertender) and crew always treats us well and we’re glad to meet there. Everyone is welcome to register for these events and can do so with Sandi of Fabric of Vision – here’s the contact info. 

It’s a great opportunity to learn about a life skill: sewingpartnered with beer education. I lead the beer tasting and food pairing, based on the fresh beers 4 Daughters has on draft and the foods on their menu.

Cheers to a tasty holiday season! Here’s what we enjoyed.

  • Widmer Hefeweizen with 4 Cheese Fondue (havarti, white cheddar, fontina, gouda)
  • Alameda Yellow Wolf Imperial IPA with spicy honey glazed chicken bites, carrot + celery
  • Lindeman’s Framboise with Black and Tan brownie (fudge + peanut butter)

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Swig & Stitch 11.12.13 Menu

Swig & Stitch is a collaboration, brilliantly started by Sandi Globus, long time successful businessperson and owner of Fabric of Vision. We’ve been conducting a monthly beer version of Swig & Stitch for going on three years (she started with a wine bar 7 years ago and it’s still going strong!).

Each month we meet at our host, 4 Daughters Irish Pub, wherein Sandi proceeds to teach sewing techniques, illustrated via specific projects. She educates, shares, answers questions and leads. I get to intersperse beer and food tastings (3 times) between the illustration projects.

Since we’re at a public establishment, it’s inevitable that people come into the usually open room where we meet and look around, realize there’s ‘something going on’ and amble out. Something going on for sure.

Education, social, value.* Sewing technique workshop partnered with beer tasting. What a great combination!

Heck, we have people that don’t sew very much, people that don’t drink very much beer and they all come for the 3 Universal Truths listed above.*

We’ll keep at it since it’s successful all around. Here’s the menu we enjoyed last night.

Want your own Swig & Stitch party? Hire us directly (it’s a trademarked name too). Be in touch.

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Mmmmm to Swig & Stitch

Last week’s Swig & Stitch menu went like this:

Simple, tasty, enlightening, repeatable.

Like Sandi says, “I think you should do a lot of ‘what if’s’.” She’s right. Get in there and try things.

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Swig & Stitch Menu Febrewary 2013

Another successful and well attended Swig & Stitch went off without a hitch this week. Thanks to the veteran event goers that come back repeatedly. Teresa, Karen, and the rest – you’re sooooo much fun! Thanks to the new folks who embrace the idea – and become veterans. A willing and open-minded audience is a genuine treat!

Since beer is social, we started the night with a singing of Hoppy Beerthday to Sandi, truly a person of vision. It’s an honor and pleasure to do these events with her.

Here’s the Beer & Salads menu we enjoyed at our ever gracious host, 4 Daughters Irish Pub.

  1. Lagunitas IPA with mixed green salad and huckleberry vinaigrette. Why: Lagunitas IPA is a go to IPA for me: balanced, flavorful, consistently delicious
  2. Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye with baby spinach salad and candied walnuts. Why: Rye provides “signature spicy, black-pepper-like flavors and complex dryness”, courtesy SNBC.
  3. SOB Porter with mixed greens and balsamic vinaigrette and bacon bits.  Why: A deep porter complements a mature balsamic vinaigrette very nicely and is usually unexpected.

Care to join us next time? Contact Fabric of Vision for registration.

Want to have this (trademarked) concept come to you? Get in touch with me directly.

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Swig & Stitch December 2012

There’s no doubt: Beer is a social component of life. It brings people together, everyone has an opinion about it, and it gets people talking. Positive change happens in the form of education.

gorgeous tulle under a holiday tree from Fabric of Vision

Swig & Stitch, the ongoing series WEB does with the brilliant Sandi of Fabric of Vision, happened again Tuesday night. Here’s the tasting & pairing menu we enjoyed:

  1. Two Towns Bad Apple Semi Dry hard Cider with housemade Clam Chowder
  2. Guinness classic Dry Irish Stout with Black Angus meatloaf and gravy
  3. Sierra Nevada Celebration with grilled tomato and cheese sandwich triangle
  4. Lindeman’s Framboise with 3 layer chocolate fudge cake

Suffice it to say tummies and taste buds were happily sated, minds opened, and conversation generated.

We had a bonus too: Pete of Pete’s Gourmet gave us samples of his Stout Beer Bite Candy to try. Listening to the crinkly wrappers being undone was a fun sound, followed by “mmmmmm”.

Care to join us or hire us to bring Swig & Stitch to you? Contact Ginger to discuss.


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November Swig & Stitch Menu

Swig & Stitch is the brilliant brainchild of Sandi Globus, owner of the superbly wonderful store Fabric of Vision. And vision she has.

Sandi started Swig & Stitch a few years back to bring the idea of socializing while learning about sewing techniques. It’s not quilting – she conducts useful and transferable sewing techniques with projects that feature the said techniques.

Swig & Stitch pairs Beer with Sewing Technique Demos

I have the distinct honor and pleasure of working with Sandi in a beer centric S&S. She’s done a wine focused event for 4 years – last year we joined forces and now offer a second monthly event with beer. YUM!

She leads with the instruction, I intersperse beer and food tastings, and a great edutaining time is had by all. The guests are plugged in members of the greater community, with all sorts of backgrounds, Some like to sew, some don’t, some like beer, and some are discovering that they do!

It’s all about creating a ripe learning environment, front loaded with the right structure and benefits so everyone walks away happy. None of it is difficult if you’re thinking ahead, paying attention, and taking care of your guests.

Here’s the menu we chose this week, working with our fine host 4 Daughters Irish Pub. Thanks to Brandy, Abigail, Tim & Crew!

Try this at home.

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Swig & Stitch Season Opener 2012

Last night we had a record number of guests at Swig & Stitch. 27 fine folks decided they wanted to enjoy sewing technique demos paired with beer & food tastings at our gracious host location, 4 Daughters Irish Pub.

We set up shop in one of the ‘rooms’ which has a pool table (great staging and work platform), plenty of seating (chairs & tables, couches & cushy seats), and dedicated service staff to take good care of everyone.

Season 2 of Beer focused Swig & Stitch has begun!

Our host understands than when you bring people together over beer, there are several benefits. Short list:

  1. The guests have a special place to congregate comfortably and regularly, exposing many to a ‘new’ local business.
  2. The host realizes guests will come early to enjoy beverage and food, which is traffic and revenue on top of our agreement.
  3. We rest assured the host is happy, the guests are happy, and we get to call a partner establishment ‘home’ for the season (October through May) – which makes us happy.

Here’s the menu we enjoyed last night:

Cheers to another edutaining season of pairing beer with other everyday activities that bring beer to life.

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Women + Beer Advance: Agenda

Here’s the tentative agenda(updated 6.21.12)* for the inaugural Women + Beer Advance, dedicated to providing fun, engaging and stimulating education for all female beer enthusiasts. (Yes, it’s subject to minor changes, alterations and enhancements, as life can change; *as of 6.21.12)

All agenda items listed are included in the registration fees. Registrations can be made here. Sooner is better than later please.

Women + Beer Advance, 2 – 4 August 2012, Southern Oregon, USA

Thursday August 2nd:

Welcome reception & Beer30– social mixer for attendees, available presenters, and hosts to sip, nibble and meet.

5 – 9 pm, location pending, Medford

Friday August 3rd: Onsite at Host 4 Daughters Irish Pub

9 – 1030 am Opening & Welcome address by Ginger and the WEB crew

1045 – 1215 – In the Beginning: Beer Ingredients – supported by Roy Farms and Briess Malting

1230 – 2 pm Learning Lunch*, select Advance menu available for attendees at host 4 Daughters Irish Pub

1 pm* Dynamo Julia Herz, Brewers Association (via remote broadcast): “Taste Trip” interactive beer and food session as part of lunch

215 – 330 Good Sense! The Sensory Side Of Beer, Rebecca Newman, Dogfish Head Brewing

345 – 515 Alchemy of Beer & Glass, Glassware session lead by the Beer Goddess herself, Lisa Morrison featuring Offero Glassware. Lisa will have her books available to sign and purchase.

(Break for Dinner on your own)

7 – 9 pm W+B Beerwalk, Special PubQuest Maps provided guiding you to 4 Downtown Medford beer friendly places serving fresh, well cared for beer.

Saturday August 4th: Onsite at Host 4 Daughters Irish Pub

9 – 1030 am Classic Combinations: Beer & Cheese, Shawn Fels, Award winning Rogue Creamery

1045 – 1215 Economics of Beer, Larry Chase, professional brewer, Standing Stone Brewing. We’ll learn about the economics of beer – from buying ingredients to making the beer to getting it in your glass.

1230 – 2 pm Inspirations & Aspirations: special Advance select menu luncheon. Open floor question & answer time, at 4 Daughters Irish Pub

215 – 330 pm Sustainability of Beer, Katie Wallace, New Belgium Brewing (via remote broadcast)

330 – 400 Beer Resources – Discussion of more resources on beer, online and offline

400 – 430 Wrap up and Thank you, awards & goodies

5 – 6 pm Live Nationwide virtual tasting Guests queued to talk

745 pm Screening of The Love Of Beer, with Filmmaker Alison Grayson; brewer Tonya Cornett, 10 Barrel Brewing – long distance appearance


All travel investments are on your own. This high value advance includes a lunch both Friday & Saturday, otherwise there are plenty of choices close by to enjoy.

The area Chambers of Commerce can help direct you to places of accommodation and transportation. Medford, OR Chamber & Ashland, OR Chamber

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More Ground to Break: Inaugural Women + Beer Advance

Women Enjoying Beer, an independent, consumer based research and education company based in Ashland, Oregon will host an inaugural Women + Beer Advance this August 2 – 4 at 4 Daughters Irish Pub in Medford, Oregon.

This event offers an educational opportunity for women to advance their enthusiasm for beer, build connections with other women who enjoy beer, and to have fun while learning more about beer.

Tapping into their love of beer, Ginger Johnson and guest speakers will create a collaborative conference celebrating beer in all forms. Guests include Lisa Morrison (The Beer Goddess), an appearance by Julia Herz (Brewers Association), and a screening of The Love of Beer with documentary filmmaker Alison Grayson.

The Women + Beer Advance kicks off on Thursday evening, August 2, with a Beer:30 social (location pending).  On Friday, August 3 and Saturday, August 4, attendees will experience a wide range of social activities and educational seminars including Beer & Food Pairings, Recipes for Cooking with Beer, the Economics of Beer, Beer Tasting Exploration, a discourse on ingredients and how they are used to create beer, and a pub walk.

Premium and Regular pricing information is available here.

Join Ginger Johnson and the crew of Women Enjoying Beer at 4 Daughters Irish Pub in Medford for these enlightening sessions.

Early registration is available through June 15 and regular registration up to the opening of the event at

For further information please contact Ginger Johnson in Ashland, Oregon at  or 515-450-7757 or Emily Engdahl in Portland, Oregon at  or 503-502-1689. To place it on a local calendar contact Kat Blaisdell at

This press release and other media information can be found at

Women Enjoying Beer (WEB) is in the business of developing and serving the female beer consumer.  WEB partners with the beer industry to help it grow by authentically and accurately marketing to the female beer enthusiast.  WEB also works with women directly to encourage their beer enthusiasm.  WEB does this work through marketing, focus groups, workshops, and events.  For more information about Women Enjoying Beer and its focus on prime opportunities, please visit or

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2012 Swig & Stitch Season Finale

Last night we again enjoyed great company, interesting information from Sandi and learned about 3 new beer and food pairings. Swig & Stitch is a fabulous format for us to engage and encourage exploration of talents and tastes.

Pouring great things at Swig & Stitch

Here’s the menu served by our fantastic hosts:

We talked about examining our beer as well as intensity and pairing beer with food.

Education is fun and should be, no matter the crowd or teacher. Keep pushing (non snobbish) education forward – it’s good for all of us.

Beer focused Swig & Stitch is now on summer break, to return with great enthusiasm in September. If you want to join us, contact Fabric of Vision. It’s never too early to reserve your seat for the monthly episodes. These events fill up very fact and well in advance.

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3 More At Swig & Stitch

Swig & Stitch is the brainchild of business person, Sandi Globus, Fabric of Vision. Last night was another great session of Sandi teaching useful sewing techniques around specific projects. Interspersed in the lessons by Sandi I lead attendees through 3 different beer and food tastings and pairings.

The goal is fun and useful education for all. And the monthly events succeed smashingly! Our host is very happy to have us, it’s a perfect spot and every month we’re getting ‘veterans’ and newbies.

Here’s the menu we explored (all beers on draught):

  • Guinness with roasted garlic humus and fresh carrots, celery, and slivered french bread
  • Lindeman’s Framboise with fresh sliced Bartlett pears, Granny Smith apples and red grapes
  • Boneyard’s Hop Venom with lightly deep-fried fresh jalapeno slices (YUM!)

Exploration and consideration are the names of this game. Go exploring yourself and discover tasty things. Doing it with friends is even better.

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Explore First, Judge Later

Unlike Martha*, who superficially dumped “dark” beers together (“They’re smokey”) in this clip, Sandi, Leisl and all the guests were into the actually learning about beer at our monthly Swig & Stitch event.

Learn with an open mind, then form an opinion

In between really cool and useful sewing technique lessons, we explored and tasted 3 styles of beers matched with 3 foods. Our fabulous and always generous hosts, 4 Daughters Irish Pub, outdid themselves again.

Here’s the menu we savored:

  • Sierra Nevada Torpedo with house made clam chowder
  • Coors Light with crispy green beans
  • Caldera Toasted Coconut Chocolate Porter with vanilla ice cream.

Coors light? YES!! I lead these edutaining sessions with the intention to teach first and then form opinions. Hence I do not introduce what the specific beers are. We bring them out, examine them (visual, aroma, flavor, mouthfeel) and THEN disclose.

No matter the size of the brewery, they are all crafted beers. We’re suggesting you remain open – since all biggies were once smallies too.

Being a snob and eliminating what you think to be ‘fizzy yellow beer’ is not only bad for the beer community, it cuts you off from potentially enjoyable experiences. And that, my friends, is what beer should be all about: Enjoyment.

p.s. *It’s not progress if the info is wrong or incomplete and I’ve long respected Martha…she needs some beer education

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Swig & Stitch Menu

Another episode of Swig & Stitch occurred last night – much to the delight of the hosts and the guests.

If you read our site, you may know that we are partnered with a well-respected well run fabric store, Fabric of Vision, in the town in which we live. The owner of the store and I have gotten to know each other and put our heads together to offer a second monthly event (Swig & Stitch) because the first one is consistently full. Read: no new folks can come, learn, and enjoy.

The wrinkle that we two put together is that beer is the ‘swig’ part, vs. wine of the first one. It’s going over with huge success. Sandi and her ever steady colleague Liesl do useful and fun sewing technique demos and I do beer and food pairings interspersed throughout. It’s another great way to highlight beer in our every day quality of life values.

What a treat it was last night to be with Sandi, Liesl and the guests at our ever gracious and wonderful host location, 4 Daughters Irish Pub. We’ve been searching for a permanent home for the newly launched event and I think we may have found it.

As we do with all the menus we execute, here’s the menu that we enjoyed last night:

Get inventive with how you feature and include beer. Depending on your market area, some ideas are getting passe. Talk with folks, put your heads together and have fun bringing beer to life.

p.s. the event is open to all comers – it’s almost entirely always women…..

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Menu from July 14th WEB Meet-up

Feel like Sailing though summer? You can do so with Full Sail Beer – it was the brewery we featured at our meet up last Thursday night at one of our favorite hosts, 4 Daughters Irish Pub in Medford OR.

'regular' Session is delish too

In honor of Oregon Craft Beer Month, we chose Full Sail for a number of reasons: We know some of the great people that make the beer, it’s very high quality beer (made in a nice clean environment), and they brew really tasty beer.


  • Full Sail Amber Ale with a summer cod wrap (mango-avacado salsa, Cajun spiced cod and crips romaine in a spinach wrap).
  • Brewmasters Reserve Imperial IPA with 4 Daughters’ Blarney burger (beef patty with sauteed onions, bleu cheese on fresh house made buns)
  • Session Black* with succulent barbequed ribs (fall off the bone tender ribs with house made finger licking good sauce)
  • LTD 03 with fried pickles (classic crisp refreshing light bodied beer paired with a fresh fried pickle)

*This beer is a terrific one for educational purposes. It’s the perfect anti-beer racism beer. It was also the favorite course of the night.

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Red! She Said

photo by Kate Parks

Last night’s WEB meet up featured Red style beers. This style of beer is one we call ‘crowd pleasers’ because they are. They’ll enlighten and usually not offend.

When you’re doing tasting and educational events that people are paying for, this can be important. They reach a broad audience while being true to a craft category.

Here was our menu at our fine host, 4 Daughters Irish Pub:

1. Mendocino’s Red Tail Ale paired with fresh made deep fried cheesecake bites. WOW! The lushness of the real on-premise made cheesecake with the carbonation and flavor of the Red was really well received.

2. Laurelwood’s Free Range Red paired with Reserve Gruyere (pasteurized Swiss cow’s milk). Nice! As many know, beer and cheese ce magnifique!

3. Mad River’s Jamaican Red paired with Noord Hollander Gouda. This Gouda is much drier than most have had so the texture variation alone was well worth the exploration. PLUS Kate speaks Dutch so she was good enough to pronounce it authentically for us.

4. Lompoc’s Proletariat Red paired with fresh chocolate cake with drizzles (on the side) of a spicy chocolate sauce using Cayenne pepper. We encouraged people to try it with the sauce as least once, even if they don’t usually care for spicy. Home Run.

So – there you have it. Another tasty menu, collaborative event for women in our community.

They are the future of Craft Beer and we’re having a ball helping them learn all about it.

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