Parade Marketing Insights

Do you ever participate in parades? If you do, you’ll want to get in touch for the outline of Parade Marketing Insights from me.

Yesterday I delivered a workshop at the invite of my local Chamber expressly addressing smart, effective & green parade ideas. In years past, the conventional and stupid (yes, I’ll say that) practice of handing out flyers and candy has been the standard.

image courtesy of Graham Lewis

image courtesy of Graham Lewis

Why? ‘Cause “people like it.” Not so if you’re looking to be smart business wise and conscientious to Mother Earth. The practice needs to be nipped all the way to the roots.

The participants who invested their time walked away with immediately useful tactics to employ – well beyond the parade focus. In fact, one of my local colleagues didn’t realize it was bent towards parade participation. They simply saw it as an opportunity to learn more about marketing. Brilliant!!

Marketing is communication. Communication creates memories and experiences which drive success and sales.

Anytime you can find education that helps you grow from a credible source for pay and for free or sponsored, GO. We all must keep learning to stay viable in our societies. The best and most credible teachers are always going to school in some way.

Thanks & cheers to a great 4th!

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Happy July 5th!!

July 4th in American is a huge beer holiday. Lovely!

What are you doing post-holiday to keep the brand buzz up?

Now that the holiday is past, what are your continued plans for brand engagement by women? What are you doing post holiday buzz? Pack the Red, White and Blue decorations for another year (although a well placed and lit flag year rounds is terrific).

It’s easy for everyone to cash in on the surge of a major holiday for sales and attracting customers. Ask yourself now:

  • Were those sales one-time-wonder sales?
  • Is the traffic driven by regulars and locals and returnees?
  • Where did they come from?
  • Did you fully capitalize on the potential?
  • Did you have a team to help you properly plan, execute and now evaluate what a booming holiday can do for you and your success?

No resting on any laurels, however big the pile.

Knowing what you’re doing long term post holiday is what makes your brand tick. And what can set you ahead of the pack for courting long term female market development. Get on it and stay on it.

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