Reflections on 1 Years Worth of Women & Beer

Gearing up for the 2.10.11 Anniversary WEB event

What does one year solidly dedicated to female consumers and their relationship with beer look like?

WEB just celebrated the 2+ year mark for the business and the 1+ year anniversary for WEB in one location. Here are some thoughts relating to what we’ve observed in this one small area of our remarkable country concerning women and beer.

1. Women are engaged, engaging and want to engage. Invite them in, ask them to join you, do so respectfully and appropriately.

2. Sexism has no place at any table. The T & A, tasteless, tactless, apparently funny to someone else who is a bigot/sexist/chauvinist (look up the definition people) ads should be beaten into the ground and used for compost (lots of fertile crap there anyway). We wouldn’t have to bring this up if it weren’t still disconcertingly true in some places and with some breweries.

3. Women like the beers they like, like to try beers of all kinds, and are doing so. Are you inviting them to do just that? Let them make their own decisions on what beers they want to try and decide they like. Toss out assumptions, preconceived notions, and stereotypes.

4. Women are equal players in the beer arena. Treat them as such you’ll see huge rewards – growth, sustainability of sales, and interest which will fuel all kinds of things which fuels…well, you see the cycle (hopefully).

5. There’s still much to do. With over half the population on the planet being female and with women making 80% of purchasing decisions (directly and indirectly), any brewery worth its wort needs to recognize and respect this. Ask yourself: Will you be able to realize your goals without truly and properly involving women?

sign from the WEB event 2.11.10

Case in point: Women Enjoying Beer meet-ups in the last calendar year has offered over 40+ beers, paired with about that many different foods, in several different locations – all with much success. Don’t take my word for it – ask the women.

Part of the reason why is that sheer variety is exciting and worth pursuing. Think of how seasonal beers are the biggest category – it’s exactly like that. Don’t you like to try new and different beers? Then let them do that same on equal footing.  Keep it interesting and they’ll keep coming. Keep it focused on them, and you’ve stuck gold.

There’s a world of women waiting for the breweries who do indeed see the value of their participation and support. What are you waiting for?

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Great Day, Eh?!

Today is a great day…

1. It’s Canada Day – So I lift a tasty beer in a Northerly direction – cheers to Rebecca & Brian, and all the brewers and beer folk in Canada. I’ve spent one Canada Day at least in Canada – it’s all good, eh!

p10204012. It’s my anniversary to my Fine Husband, Larry Chase. Cheers, baby – thanks for eloping with me 6 years ago.

So toast to whatever makes you happy today – good beer, good people, a good life. I’m grateful. And now I’m thirsty.

Cheers ~

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